Online Football Manager

online football manager

Santa Monica FC Online is a brand new online football manager described by its creators as compact online football manager game for those, who are tired of waiting for next round in their favourite online multiplayer soccer manager game or are just casual players.
PLAY NOW How does it work? In SMFC Online you don't have to wait for other players - you can play as many matches as you want, whenever you want, without any limits. For each game original set of clubs and players will be generated for you so each of your games will be different.

online football manager

Santa Monica FC is based on classic football manager game from 1998, in which you were put in charge of football club in one of few countries or in randomly generated divisions. Now, as online football manager game it brings this concept to new, fresh version.

While the game is minimalistic it contains most of the typical options of big online football games: running your own club, dealing on transfer list, play in league and cup matches, take care of training, economy, stadium. You can start your team in any of over 180 countries around the world and face the procedurally generated opponents that, just like you, will improve their squads each season.

You can start each game with different starting parameters settings (there are over 100,000 starting configurations), which means the game will be different each time you play it. You can also use in-game editor to adapt the clubs and players in your game to your expectations.

online football manager

Browser Football Manager

The game is played fully via browser, so you don't have to install anything on your device, all you need is access to Internet and a web browser. You can play on your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

You take part in league games, domestic cup and international cup, but through extra options you can indirectly compete with other users in friendly games.

online football manager

You are in charge of transfers and training of your players, those in first and reserve or youth team. Each of your player is described by over 25 factors that directly influence the outcome of the matches, the atmosphere in the club or the decisions other players will make.

You can start from 3rd division and climb up to reach the championship or start in top division and fight to stay there. You can play in any schedule you want - you can spend 5 minutes a week or hours each day - it is up to you how you will approach the game and how you want to play it.

online football manager

Casual Football Manager

While the game is minimalistic it contains most of the typical options of big online football games:

Player data
Main skill level, technical skills (f.e. tackling, pace, shooting), non-technical skills (f.e. morale, charisma) and additional parameters (f.e. stron / weak attribute, health problems). Statistics include successful / unsuccessful detailed data (tacklings, shots, passes, etc). Full career record is available.

Each week up to 10 activity points to use on training sessions. The session influence on players is reported straight after ordering the session. During the breaks (mid-season and at the beginning of season) 20 activity points available that could be spend on training camps.

Reserve team / youth team
Option to move players to reserve team, where they will be trained by reserve coach. Option to promote players from youth team by position. Youth teams coordinator can provide skill estimation for youth team players, also determine budget for scouting network.

Six staff members can be hired: assistant manager, head coach, physio, scout, reserve coach and youth teams coordinator. Staff members can be sent on courses that will improve their skills.

Increasing stadium capacity, improving quality of the stadium and option to replacing the damaged pitch, setting ticket prices.

Direct transfers, free agent players, loan deals, hiring amateur players, sending scout on abroad missions.

Main sponsorship deal signing, short term deals for on-stadium billboards. Setting youth team scouting expenses and travel arrangements for the first team.

online football manager

SMFC Online is project inspired by classic football manager game Championship Manager and associated with multiplayer online football manager Football-o-Rama that was online since 2002. One of the strong points of the game is flexibility - you choose your game mode (that includes casual football manager, pro football manager and even retro football manager) and set up your own rules for the game: you can start in top division with big budget or start in lowest division with no budget and no players to start with.

online football manager
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